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Our Mission

To integrate families and children of Autism and other At-Risk concerns, back into society through
one Step and one City at a time.

There is a critical need for more progressive early intervention to adult life solution-based programs that will support the cognitive growth necessary to allow life skill development that leads to a more sustainable independent adult life.

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Candyland Roadmap

We designed this map as a main resources tool to serve all of our A.C.R.E. communities. Playing a game like Candyland with your child at 2.5 years old is critical to help see the signs. Many families have stopped interacting with their child. They hand their phone to them and the child remains At-Risk. We are using the symbolism of the Candyland Game and the Roadmap to remind Families of At Risk, especially Autism, Community Leaders, Responders and Educators about seeing the signs earlier than 5 years old . We never want to meet an At-Risk family that needs help and not offer a Solution. This Roadmap offers a simple yet Safe Solutions on how to confidently RESPOND to At-Risk Communities, especially Autism from Prenatal until the Final Farewell of Life.

Candyland Roadmap for Autism

Candyland Roadmap for Autism Steps

Board of Directors

Kevin Crotty, President

Police Officer City of Phoenix and Dad of Autism

Cricket Barrientos, Founder

Entrepreneur and Mom of Autism

Alexis Barrientos, Administrative Assistant

Sports Therapy and Nutrition

Dr. Angela Crotty, Financial Advisor

Elementary School District (Illinois) Administration and Budgeting

Executive Advisory Consultant Board of Directors

Bernadette Smith, Director Community and Corporate Outreach (Legal Shield Associate and Mom of Autism)
Brenda Nelson, Lead Director College Programs (Estrella Mountain Community College)
Julie Kent-Partridge, Director Veteran and Military Affairs (Social Worker)
Steve Pomerantz, Director Grants and Fundraising (Professional Grant Writer)
Amanda Hart, Director Grants, Fundraising and Sponsorship (NonProfit and Entrepreneur)
De ‘Ette Millhone, Director Grants, Fundraising and Sponsorship (NonProfit and Mom of Special Needs)
Robert Bell, Director Music (Music Producer, Singer and Song Writer)
Lisa Wood, Director Music Support (Manager and Music Promotion)
Albert J. Clark – (A.J.), Director Media (Music Producer, Animator, Preforming Artist)
Dr. Anila Khan, Director International Development (Pakistan) Psychologist
Dr. Shagufta Naseer Abbasi, Director International Development (Pakistan) Psychologist
James Townend, Director International Development (Canada) (Business Entrepreneur and Adult Living with Autism)
Mike Gjura, Director Community and Corporate Outreach (Canada) (Entrepreneur and Health and Wellness Life Coach)

Executive Autism Support

Landon Barrientos, Media Anchor and Lead Coach S.T.O.P. Project (Autism community)
Alex Siordia, Coach S.T.O.P. Project (Autism community)
Carter Kinder, Sportscaster (Autism community)
Isabelle Smith, Media MC (Autism community)
Hannah – Domestic Violence Outreach and Support
K – Human Trafficking Outreach and Support
Alexis Barrientos, Social Media Support (Sports Therapy and Nutrition - Sibling of Autism)

Executive Advisory Consultant Board

Our Executive Advisory Consultant Board of Directors — Our Executive Advisory Board is made up of over 850 Community Leaders who offer their expert advise as needed throughout the development of Sounds of Autism organization. We are blessed to have so many people supporting our cause. We could not do this without all of you.

Behavioral Health and Early Intervention

Early Education, Education and Universities

Independent Living Support and Resources

Community Responders

Support our programs to make a difference in someone's journey of living with Autism.


Sounds of Autism

Bringing a voice to Autism, one step at a time.


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