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Phase III - Workforce Development

The Road Ahead: The Vision for What's Next

Workforce Development


With Landon's processing delay and for others within the Autism community who also struggle with processing, we have learned that practice and understanding of what a result should be and look like is more attainable over a period of time and beginning these skills early on will offer a better outcome with meeting the goals of independent adult living and sustainable jobs. Practicing these skills is critical from elementary school until the completion of the S.T.O.P. programming. College programs are our solutions to overcoming this major hurdle and allows the community to begin the process as they move towards their independent adult lives.

S.T.O.P. - Simple. Task. Operations. Team.

Ultimately, our goal is to establish and operate a Unified Independent Living Academy that allows resident students the opportunity to consistently practice life and job skills within S.T.O.P. curriculum.

Autism Collage

Job skills training academies (farm life, culinary, music production, computer technology, performing arts, laundry, cleaning, retail shops, health, sports, etc.)

Independent living practice dorms

Health and wellness center (pool, physical training center, sensory spa, martial arts)

Venue rental availability (corporate lodging, pool facility rental, corporate meetings)

Furthermore, a graduate of the Academy could advance to a long-term housing community which would be close to or on premise from the training center, allowing the Autism community to continue working at the training center and participating in activities to continue a unified life until the end of life.

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