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The Core 4 Survival Skill Progams

The Core 4 progams were created to bridge the gaps between Families of Autism, Community Leaders, First Responders and Educators.

We feel these A.C.R.E. communities are the ones who would offer the necessary support to make the environment more comfortable when integrating back into society. Through awareness, education, and safe resource platforms we can now offer the Autism community more long-term and sustainable solutions as they navigate through their journeys leading to a more typical independent adult life.

Building a strong foundation one A.C.R.E. at a time.

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A Unified Responder Community (U.R.C.) is a community at-large that unconditionally responds to the needs of those who are at-risk for mental health issues, especially those living the life of Autism within their own community. For a municipality to become a U.R.C., they will actively participate in the Core 4 Programs within a 5-week strategic implementation process which includes consistent, ongoing development and support from Sounds of Autism. Once the Core 4 have been fully integrated within the community, they can then begin to implement our Support Programs, to include both Notes on the Spectrum and Siblings on Board. It is our goal for not only local communities but cities and towns nationwide to adopt and support our mission by becoming a proud U.R.C. by 2022.

Families Of The Spectrum Unite

Sounds of Autism partners with early intervention organizations who are committed to networking within the community to seek out families raising a child, bringing awareness to the signs of Autism, offer support seeking a diagnosis and getting into early intervention programs all before 5 years old. 90% of a child's brain develops by 5 years old.

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Life On A Spectrum

Our Satellite Ambassador - Experts conduct weekly awareness presentations bringing safe solutions that will support our A.C.R.E. communities as they RESPOND to the needs of all At-Risk Communities.

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Responders Unite

Sounds of Autism partnered with local police departments to develop the Responders Unite Ambassador Program. This program was inspired by my husband, Officer Kevin Crotty and our son Landon.

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Life Skills

Sounds of Autism partners with families of Autism, community leaders, first responders and educators to create digital toolkits providing roadmap programs and tools supporting the Autism journey from prenatal to the final farewell of life. Life Skills offers virtual and mobile presentations on how to safely and unconditionally respond when the Autism community integrates back into society.

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