Life On A Spectrum

Our Satellite Ambassador - Experts conduct weekly awareness presentations bringing safe solutions that will support our A.C.R.E. communities as they RESPOND to the needs of all At-Risk Communities.

Sounds of Autism Satellite Ambassador Teams, represented by mental health, early intervention and special needs education experts provide awareness, education and resources through presentations to audiences that include families of Autism, community members, first responders and educators giving all communities the confidence to support one another when an encounter may occur with the community of Autism, especially during crisis.

Life on a Spectrum

Bridging the Gaps between At-Risk Families, especially those living with Autism, and Community Leaders, is key to the integration process that we believe needs to occur to offer those living within the At-Risk Communities the confidence that they are safe and have the support necessary to live a more typical Independent Adult Life.

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Seeking mental health, early intervention education experts to help bring awareness to those in need of our support.

Located within: Phase I - Survival.

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Sounds of Autism

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