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Support Programs

Multi-disciplinary plaforms in support of our Core Four programs.

To ensure that we complete our Mission to integrate Families and their Children into society through Love and Support, we created additional Support Programs. These additional programs will complement our "CORE 4" Survival Skill Programs supporting the Autism Journey from Prenatal until the Final Farewell of Life. Each program was designed to support different Milestones eventually leading to an Independent Adult Life and Sustainable Job Skill Solutions. The Autism population will need this type of support to offer the Financial Support and Education of Independent Living to give the confidence and support they need to maintain a more typical Life. To learn more about Sounds of Autism and our most current Programs please check out the Website in its entirety. Thank you!


A show created to show the Love and Passion for Animals within the Autism population. Landon, Our Founders son Living Life on the Autism Spectrum is the Host of the Show and our Director Community and Corporate Outreach's Daughter, Isabella also lives Life on a Spectrum MC's the Show.

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Our Fashion Line was created to encourage Parents to take time out for themselves… Date Nights, Dressing up and Going out with Friends. This Journey can be very overwhelming.

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Bringing Arts, Reading and Technology Solutions to Life and Job Skill training, leading to a more independent Adult Life and Sustainable Job Solutions. OUR STEM TECHNOLOGY - Life and Job Skill A.R.T.S.

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Bringing Awareness and Conditioning Simple Task Jobs, is another Solution we created to support Life and Job Skill training, leading to a more independent Adult Life and Sustainable Job Solutions. The S.T.O.P.

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Music Is Life

September 20th, 2021 12:00am

Utilizing Music to bring awareness and education to those who need the extra support when learning especially the At-Risk of Autism/Delay in Development Populations. As we develop the Life and Job Skills Programs from PreK to 15 years of Age, our S.T.O.P.

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Key Notes and Consultants

Working with the 600+ Community Leaders to support the cause has been a blessing. We want to Pay it Forward to show our gratitude to those supporting our cause and staying with us as we developed our Organization.

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Notes on the Spectrum

Bringing a Voice to Autism using Music and Music Education, Expert Podcast about various Topics, One Act Plays through the Performing Arts and more. Notes on the Spectrum was created to bring a "VOICE" to Autism in various ways.

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Siblings On Board

Bringing a Voice to Siblings of Autism and the Leadership, Patience and Unconditional Love they naturally offer due to the behaviors they must learn to support their sibling Living Life on the Spectrum. Siblings on Board – Bringing awareness to the sisters and brothers who are required to support those Living Life on the Autism Spectrum.

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