Key Notes and Consultants

Working with the 600+ Community Leaders to support the cause has been a blessing. We want to Pay it Forward to show our gratitude to those supporting our cause and staying with us as we developed our Organization. Building these solid Long-Term Relationships within society was the best decision we made as we started out in 2011. These Leaders can sit back and watch the execution of our plan, our development and our commitment to serve. Today they BELIEVE in us and the mission we are on. We could not ask for a better team of Cheerleaders.

Key Notes and Consultants - our Program to support those who support us. We consider all 600+ members or our consulting team, our COMMUNITY RESPONDERS and they have all committed to remain at our side as we Unify the world. When we see opportunities to support them, they will be the first referral we make. We never want to leave anyone At-Risk and that means safe support solutions and vetted resources for the entire Unified Front and we never want to walk away from supporting our Executive Advisory Consultants as others in the community share their needs for support. We are here to help and support our Community, Responders and Educators as well as our Families. #UnifiedResponderCommunitiesUnite.

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