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Sounds of Autism serves all communities that play a part in making the journey of living a life with Autism a much more successful and sustainable journey


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Simple solutions with lasting results.

Sounds of Autism was started in 2011 to bring a voice to a silent epidemic called Autism.

Our son Landon was 9 at that time and by then I was super frustrated having to navigate the system and put all the necessary pieces together to raise our child who at that time had been given the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. It should not have been this difficult putting his life's journey together. It should have had a solid foundation for as large as the Autism community was.

I have always been one to seek solutions when I was faced with life's challenges. All we needed was a "one stop shop" offering simple solutions with results that would last a lifetime and within a safe and understanding community.

Our Sounds of Autism team got to work and today our program serves all communities that play a part in making the journey of living a life with Autism a much more successful and sustainable journey.

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Responders Unite

Life on a Spectrum

Life Skills

In 2020, the CDC reported 1 in 54 children live with Autism in the US.

It is the largest epidemic and WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition which includes delays in social interactions, developmental language skills, communication skills and demonstrates repetitive behaviors. Common signs of Autism include

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Sensitivity to light, sound, taste and touch.



Difficulty in social settings leading to meltdowns.



Difficulty communicating or non-verbal.



A pattern of repetitive behaviors or movements.



Obsessive compulsive behaviors, such as lining up toys, and creating patterns with objects.

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We work tirelessly to integrate families and children of Autism back into society through LOVE and SUPPORT.

Did you know there are 1-54 (8 year old) children diagnosed with Autism in the U.S.?

Did you know that over 88,000 Adults are on a waiting list for Long Term housing in Arizona?

Did you know 90% of Adults with Autism can not sustain a job in Arizona?

Did you know ONE FAMILY is suing for 5 million dollars for a Police Intervention gone wrong in Arizona?

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