Responders Unite

Sounds of Autism partnered with local police departments to develop the Responders Unite Ambassador Program.

This program was inspired by my husband, Officer Kevin Crotty and our son Landon. They have a very strong bond. Kevin has done a great job RESPONDING to Landon’s needs. Landon has a processing disorder and needs time to understand what he is expected to do in all situations so we know if it was during crisis things would be very bad for everyone involved. Kevin and I would be devastated if anything ever happened to Landon so offering this SOLUTION gives everyone time to practice, learn each others language and process the information on both sides offering a much safer outcome.

Officer Kevin Crotty and our son Landon

‘’I AM A RESPONDER of AUTISM‘’ was created to take away the stigma or label that typically occurs after getting a diagnoses of Autism. Families tend to struggle with these stigmas or labels, so we created a way of letting the Officers know someone has Autism but respecting the wishes of the families as well.

Responders Unite trained Police Ambassadors will execute classroom training throughout local schools, mental health facilities and group homes to bring hands-on experience, awareness and support to the Autism community. This classroom training allows the Autism Community the opportunity to learn, practice and process the expectation a Police Officer has during a police intervention offering everyone involved in this situation a much safer solution, especially during crisis.

Mental Health, especially Autism is Silent, It needs a Voice. This community will remain At-Risk especially during Crisis until we bring a Voice to the Epidemic. We are in Trouble!

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Located within: Phase I - Survival.

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