Life Skills

Sounds of Autism partners with families of Autism, community leaders, first responders and educators to create digital toolkits providing roadmap programs and tools supporting the Autism journey from prenatal to the final farewell of life.

Life Skills offers virtual and mobile presentations on how to safely and unconditionally respond when the Autism community integrates back into society. A digital toolkit offers step-by-step life skill guidance for Habilitation, Education, Awareness and Support for all A. C. R. E. Communities. We believe that educating all about how to Respond and Support the Autism community, will never leave anyone at RISK when interacting with one another leading to a more successful long-term outcome for everyone involved, especially during crisis.

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We also rely on our partners to help identify families in need. If you know of a family that would benefit from our resources:

  1. Direct them to our website
  2. Offer them our social media sites and YouTube channel
  3. Connect us with an email introduction

After we speak to your referral and they complete the Digital Roadmap Scholarship form on our website, we will begin sending the Life Skills Digital toolkits and programs for 1 year or until another scholarship is submitted.

Addressing our Jobless and Homeless issues, especially with those living with Mental Health Issues, especially Autism is now more critical than ever. We have over 88,000 Adults on Long Term Housing List and 90% of the Autism community do not sustain a job. Where is the accountability to those who serve this community? These are Unacceptable Results! We have a solution.

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Everyone should have access to resources they need to become educated and support the Autism journey. Click here to apply for a Digital Roadmap Scholarship.

Located within: Phase I - Survival.

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