A show created to show the Love and Passion for Animals within the Autism population. Landon, Our Founders son Living Life on the Autism Spectrum is the Host of the Show and our Director Community and Corporate Outreach's Daughter, Isabella also lives Life on a Spectrum MC's the Show. We want to bring the abilities of the Autism Population to the forefront and let this population SHINE!!

L 'Animals - Landon began to share his PASSION for Animals when FINDING NEMO was released on DVD. His obsession began to exhibit itself and was the earliest time we can remember where everything began. Landon currently has over 2000 Schlaich type Animals. All sizes and multiple collections of any animal you can think of. He can tell you the year he got the Animal and if it was given to him on his Birthday, Christmas or because he earned it from cleaning the house. His memory explains why there is OVER SENSORY to me. He is like a Computer that has archived years of information. When his brain gets full, he will find ways to unload the information to make room for more. I do not think there is ever a time he truly removes information he just moves it around to store in better? I can't fully explain what I see but I can tell you if you watch the movie the ACCOUNTANT, when Ben Affleck stays up all night to write the equations on the dry erase board, that is how an example of how I see Landon's Brain work, every day. I believe it is a gift that the Autism population has but it is also the reason they process information so slow. OVERLOAD. Landon currently designed an A-Z HYBRID ANMIAL COLLECTION of his own. There are many talents you will begin to see as we move into the future. We can not wait to share. Continue to follow the development of our Show on our "Sounds of Autism" YOUTUBE Digital Library.

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