Music Is Life

September 20th, 2021 12:00am

Utilizing Music to bring awareness and education to those who need the extra support when learning especially the At-Risk of Autism/Delay in Development Populations.

As we develop the Life and Job Skills Programs from PreK to 15 years of Age, our S.T.O.P. AND A.R.T.S. PROJECT which were designed to improve Workforce Development for Autistic Adults and Music for Coping Strategies to ensure the Population we serve learns to overcome the Stress and Anxiety that typically exists with those living within the Autism population, we added a Music Component. We feel this offers the Autism Population options for learning things and believe this method could be the portion leading to sustainability during the conditioning stage of the Learning Process. Our Founder Cricket Barrientos has a Passion for Autism and a Passion for Music and is taking her 2 Passions and combining them to offer another Simple Solution to serve a population who needs a Modified Program to learn.

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