Our Fashion Line was created to encourage Parents to take time out for themselves… Date Nights, Dressing up and Going out with Friends. This Journey can be very overwhelming. Every Item we design has a story and all of them support First Responders, Military and Medical to show our support.

SPECT 'RUM LINE - created to offer a Line of Fashion for parents and those who want to support the Cause. We want those wearing our Brand to be proud representing those Living Life on a SPECTRUM. We have (18) unique LOGOS representing our Organization to help mix things up. Bringing awareness through Fashion and other Merchandise helps us tell the Story, Build Compassion, Empathy and Support for the Cause and bring a little funding into the organization, supporting sustainability. The Line below SPECT ’RUM will have color changes. The changes of these colors are based on the story being told about each specific piece of clothing we chose. The message we provide for our Fashionable Items are to tell the WHY about the Item chosen and what we are supporting with the story being told. The Blue Line for Example is to represent the Thin Blue Line supporting Local Law Enforcement and Safe Crisis Intervention. The Red Line - Firefighters, The Purple Line - Medical/Mental The Military Green Line - Military. Thank you for continuing to support Sounds of Autism and those who help create a Safer Community for those in Need. Stay tuned for our latest Fashionable Items.

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