Bringing Arts, Reading and Technology Solutions to Life and Job Skill training, leading to a more independent Adult Life and Sustainable Job Solutions.

OUR STEM TECHNOLOGY - Life and Job Skill A.R.T.S. Project is our solution for those Living Life on the Autism Spectrum to utilize their natural Technological Abilities, Artistic Abilities, Graphic Design, Animation Production Innovation, Reading and Writing Skills to bring a new approach to Workforce Development. Many children/adults on the Autism Spectrum have natural Abilities and Hidden Talents that are unnoticed or never discovered unless you take the time to help draw these things out of these individuals. Landon's best friend Alex, Coach of our Workforce Development Programs shared he wanted to be a Chef when he grew up. As we moved into our Workforce Development Plan, we learned that Alex had a Passion for Animals and Drawing. We found that Alex is a Natural Gifted Artist. We are going to use this talent to help Alex Develop a Business that will be able to support his work and eventually bring income into his life. This is one example of how our program can benefit the Autism population Long-Term and as a Sustainable Job Solution that can lead to financially support a more typical Adult Life.

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